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Tired of poor business processes, costly and endless upgrades, excessive maintenance costs, and poor support? Not sure what to do?

Our Consulting Services help you Maximize your Business Process and Technology Use by:

  • Analyzing your Operations and Developing a Comprehesive Process and Technology Strategy
  • Reducing Development, Software, and Procurement costs through integration of Open Source, SaaS, and Third-party On-Premis Solutions
  • Improving Processes and Technology so you can focus on your organizations growth
  • Free yourself from technology requirements that are not core to your operation
  • Utilize best of breed products for superior Security, Scalability and Functionality
  • Our Open-360 Portal Service utilizes a state-of-the-art solution blending Process, Open Source, and Software as a Service (SaaS) components to provide:

  • Organizations visibility into new and existing trends in software, services and industries
  • Improve visibility and remove the tedious, cost and time consuming call center activities
  • Measure eCommerce activities
  • Measure social and traditional marketing plans
  • Enable sales organization to focus on strategic selling
  • Consistent process and messaging for channel management
  • Account building, data cleansing and activity tracking
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